ToxPlanet Announces the Availability of PubMed®

ToxPlanet has reached a significant milestone in its evolution with the addition of PubMed® to its suite of solutions. This development greatly expands ToxPlanet's scope of coverage and enhances its relevance for a larger user base. In this blog post, we take a look at PubMed and consider the benefits of this important addition.

An Extremely Useful Addition

PubMed is one of the world's foremost databases covering biomedical, health, and life science-related literature. Maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it enables users to search across key informational sources, including:

    • A detailed resource featuring a multitude of journal citations and articles indexed with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
  • PubMed Central®
    • A full text archive containing journal articles reviewed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine for archiving (both current and historical)
  • Bookshelf
    • A large archive of discipline-relevant publications (books, reports, etc.)

Encompassing more than 33 million citations and abstracts, many with links to free full text, PubMed has been an industry-leading biomedical information resource for more than 25 years. Spanning numerous disciplines, it features:

  • Regularly updated information, ensuring access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date research
  • Content from many highly authoritative and pertinent sources, including clinical studies, datasets, government publications, meta-analyses, newspaper articles, technical reports, and much more
  • Access to information from tens of thousands of academic journals and other significant periodicals
  • Deep coverage with some records dating back more than two centuries


ToxPlanet is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource focused on supporting the toxicology and chemical hazard information needs of professionals. Designed to help manage the impact of chemicals in the workplace and on the environment, it is used extensively by a broad spectrum of individuals, including toxicologists, pharmacologists, industrial hygienists, occupational physicians, product stewards, risk assessment professionals, hazardous materials/emergency management personnel, first responders, environmental managers, and a host of other chemical safety professionals.

With ToxPlanet, you have fast and seamless access to an abundance of essential content. Our products cover areas including human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and much more.

ToxPlanet has maintained a steadfast commitment to providing our users with the most extensive and authoritative information available. With the addition of PubMed, ToxPlanet now features the largest single collection of primary and secondary literature covering the chemical hazard and toxicology domain. Our one-stop shopping solution delivers a truly comprehensive search experience of unmatched depth, breadth, and quality.

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