ToxPlanet Announces Inclusion of All PubChem® Compound Records

ToxPlanet has reached an important milestone in its evolution with the incorporation of the full collection of PubChem compound records into the ToxPlanet suite of solutions. In this blog post, we take a look at this major development and the associated enhancements.


ToxPlanet is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource focused on supporting the toxicology and chemical hazard information needs of a broad spectrum of professionals. Used extensively by toxicologists, pharmacologists, industrial hygienists, occupational physicians, product stewards, risk assessment professionals, hazardous materials/emergency management personnel, first responders, environmental managers, and a host of other chemical safety professionals, our solutions are designed to help manage the impact of chemicals in the workplace and on the environment.

With ToxPlanet, you have one-stop access to an abundance of essential content. Our products cover areas including human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and much more.

ToxPlanet has maintained an unwavering commitment to providing our users with instant and seamless access to the most extensive and highly authoritative information available. The complete addition of PubChem compound data emphasizes this commitment and further expands the utility of our solutions.

A Valuable Addition

PubChem is one of the world's most frequently accessed chemical information resources, offering valuable data for researchers and other industry professionals. Maintained by the National Institutes of Health, PubChem covers a myriad of chemical substances and features data including chemical structures and properties, biological activities, health and toxicity information, and much more.

With the addition of all PubChem compound records, ToxPlanet users will realize several key enhancements, including:

  • Coverage of more than 100 million chemical compounds
  • Ability to search products using close to 1 billion different chemical terms and synonyms
  • Redesign and elaboration of the Chemical Identity page for each substance, including a wealth of additional information not previously available
  • Expansion of the Similar Compounds feature to include more than 100 million records
  • Addition of almost 2 million links to the literature, including curated citations from PubMed

Combined with our existing content and unique functionality, the availability of PubChem data provides users with a solution of unparalleled depth, breadth, and efficiency.

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