REACH Registrations

REACH Registrations submitted by manufacturers contain valuable information, some of which is made public for the first time.

Access ECHA chemical substance registration data quickly with our REACH Registrations solution.

ToxPlanet's REACH Registrations provides integrated access to the official ECHA REACH Registrations Database, also known as the "Dossiers".  Published data is compiled from either joint or individual submissions for a substance and reflects the information contained in ECHA's database as of the last updated date. The amount of information provided can vary by substance since required information varies on production volume of the substance. ECHA does not verify the information before dissemination.

What do REACH Registrations records include?

REACH Registrations Dossiers offer information covering several areas, including:

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Who uses REACH Registrations?

REACH Registrations are used by product stewards, product safety specialists, toxicologists, and other professionals engaged in any of the following activities:

What do you get along with your access to REACH Registrations?

Your subscription also includes access to several of our other key information resources: 

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