Quantity Versus Quality of Content in Toxicology Information Resources

Toxicologists need the right data to make critical professional decisions. Of the factors that must be considered when selecting an appropriate toxicology information resource, quantity and quality of content are two of the most significant. Here we review the importance of these factors and look at how ToxPlanet can help address users’ needs in both areas.

Quantity of Content

Comprising a wide range of component areas, toxicology is an extensive field of study. To reflect the breadth of the field, and to ensure a practical level of coverage, toxicology information solutions should be equally extensive. To be thoroughly useful to a diverse professional audience, they should offer several key features, including:

  • coverage reflecting multiple toxicological subdisciplines
  • content from numerous sources
  • information on a multitude of chemical substances
  • an abundance of documents

Still, while an information solution may include a substantial amount of content, that does not necessarily mean it will reflect an appropriate level of quality. For example, it may not possess the proper level of authority. It may also lack currency and, in turn, accuracy. Additionally, it may not have the relevance necessary to address certain specific user needs. Even with a great amount of content, these and other factors can detrimentally affect its quality and underlying usefulness.

Quality of Content

The work of toxicologists and aligned chemical safety professionals has a tremendous impact on the health and wellbeing of others. Because of this, the quality of the information they require is critical. A truly high-quality toxicology information resource should offer a number of fundamental features, including:

  • content that originates from authoritative sources
  • information of high relevance to key toxicological topic areas
  • content that is current and updated regularly, reflecting the latest research information available
  • information designed for ease of use and accessibility

The quality of content in an information solution, however, does not always equate to usefulness. For example, it may not be extensive enough to address the needs of a broad spectrum of users. Similarly, it may not be detailed enough to provide thorough coverage of important chemical substances. Even if content is of high quality, its overall value can be negatively impacted if there is insufficient quantity.

The Best of Both Worlds

Content quantity and quality are both vitally important for professionals who need access to actionable information. Yet when an information resource possesses one of these key factors, it can often be at the expense of the other. With ToxPlanet, however, it is possible to have the “best of both worlds” – information solutions with unmatched content quantity and quality.


Powered by the world’s largest database of its kind, ToxPlanet’s products offer an unrivaled amount of valuable content. Encompassing more than 275 collections and over 600 regulatory and advisory lists, ToxPlanet delivers access to more than 9.4 million documents providing toxicology and chemical hazard data on nearly 1 million unique compounds. With ToxPlanet, you have one-stop access to an abundance of essential content covering areas including human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and more.


The quality of content offered by ToxPlanet’s suite of solutions is exceptional. Providing extensive and up-to-date information obtained from hundreds of discipline-relevant content producers, government agencies, and professional organizations throughout the world, virtually every one of our sources is a highly reputable information provider. As each of ToxPlanet’s documents is thoroughly indexed to the chemical(s) it covers, you can retrieve the valuable information you need quickly, easily, and with full relevance to your search.

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