Infocom Will Be Exhibiting at the Japanese Society of Toxicology’s 48th Annual Meeting

One of the toxicology discipline’s leading international events is fast approaching! From July 7-9, 2021, the Japanese Society of Toxicology’s 48th Annual Meeting will be held in Kobe, Japan. Infocom will be in attendance and exhibiting through their online booth.

JSOT 2021

The annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT) is one of the toxicology discipline’s premier events. This year’s three-day conference, taking place at Kobe International Conference Center, will host numerous toxicologists and other aligned professionals from around the world. Toxicology professionals from industry, academia, and government will assemble to meet, exchange new information and ideas, and present various research findings. The spirit of globalization is key at this year's meeting. In reflection of this, joint sessions will take place with the Society of Toxicology (SOT) as well as with the American College of Toxicology (ACT).

This year's meeting features a hybrid format, being hosted both on-site and online. With the meeting's main theme of “Beyond the crisis: Toxicology contributing to the survival of life”, JSOT acknowledges the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan and the rest of the world. It also acknowledges the significance of the role played by the toxicologist in helping to protect and preserve human health.

About Infocom

With a goal of helping contribute to innovations in society through information and communications technology, Infocom provides a unique blend of information technology services to corporations, academia, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and more. Infocom is one of the world’s leading providers and distributors of software and information solutions covering a diverse range of focus areas, including:

  • Biological Science
  • Chemistry/Environment/Food
  • Data Science
  • Manufacturing/Quality Control
  • Medicine
  • Safety/Toxicity

As a distributor of ToxPlanet, Infocom will be exhibiting our solutions at this year’s annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT).

Experiencing the ToxPlanet Difference

ToxPlanet is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource focused on supporting the toxicology and chemical hazard information needs of a broad spectrum of professionals. Used extensively by toxicologists, pharmacologists, industrial hygienists, occupational physicians, product stewards, risk assessment professionals, hazardous materials/emergency management personnel, first responders, environmental managers, and a host of other chemical safety professionals, our solutions are designed to help manage the impact of chemicals in the workplace and on the environment.

With ToxPlanet, you have one-stop access to an abundance of essential content. Our products cover areas including human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and much more.

Experience the ToxPlanet difference and see how we can help address your toxicology and chemical hazard information needs.

Come Visit Infocom at JSOT

If you will be attending the Japanese Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting in early July, be sure to visit our friends at Infocom to learn more about ToxPlanet’s products and services. As always, don’t hesitate to contact ToxPlanet for more information and to register for a Free Trial. We always look forward to speaking with you!