How ToxPlanet Helps Chemical Safety Professionals Mitigate the Problem of Data Gaps

For chemical safety professionals and researchers of all types, data gaps are an all-too-common problem. Here we explore the issue of data gaps, review the reasons why they occur, and discuss some of the ways that ToxPlanet can help you manage them quickly and effectively.

Reasons for Data Gaps

When dealing with chemical hazard or toxicology information, data gaps typically occur for any of three main reasons:

  • There is information for a chemical, but you cannot find it
  • There is information for a chemical, but there are also some missing end points
  • There is no information available for a chemical

Regardless of the underlying cause, data gaps often result in significant time delays and can be a source of inefficiency and tremendous frustration for any professional who encounters them.

Resolving the Data Gap Dilemma

Let’s take a look at each of the aforementioned reasons for data gaps and the corresponding ways that ToxPlanet can help mitigate the problem.

  • There is information for a chemical, but you cannot find it
    • ToxPlanet is the world’s largest and most comprehensive chemical hazard and toxicology information resource. Encompassing more than 275 databases/collections and over 600 lists, it delivers access to more than 9.4 million documents providing essential chemical hazard and toxicology data on nearly 1 million unique compounds. The EXPERTIndexTM, feature, with its 5 million+ chemical identifiers, offers one-click access to an abundance of content compiled from over 500 highly reputable sources (imagine searching 500 websites simultaneously, using a normalized index!). This makes ToxPlanet an ideal resource for locating even hard-to-find information.
  • There is chemical information with missing endpoints, or there is no information for a chemical
    • ToxPlanet enables simple data gap issue resolution using chemical analogs. Utilizing PubChem structure content, and based on the Tanimoto coefficient, ToxPlanet’s proprietary Similar Compounds feature quickly identifies molecularly similar compounds. In addition, it provides instant access to the literature from the most extensive information resource of its kind. What would typically involve multiple searches and many hours, going back and forth between various websites and other sources, can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

To Learn More

ToxPlanet’s depth and breadth of content, coupled with its unique features and functionality, make it an unparalleled resource for professionals and researchers dealing with the problem of data gaps.

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help address your needs, contact ToxPlanet and register for a Free Trial.