Environmental Chemistry Information System (ECIS)

Access out-of-print collections for hard-to-find chemical citations.

We make retrieving hard-to-find chemical citation information a snap.

ECIS is a compilation of out-of-print databases containing content not otherwise found in the literature. The substance-specific collections cover pharmacological, biochemical, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs, environmental pollutants, and other chemicals. The seven collections in ECIS are:

What do ECIS records include?

Records are similar to TOXLINE Special records and include citation information like:

All data in ECIS is delivered in tabular format for fast access and easy review. Click here to view a description of all our information sources.

Who uses ECIS?

ECIS is an important source of hard-to-find chemical citation information for toxicologists, hazardous materials professionals, and other environmental health and safety professionals of all types.

What do you get along with your access to ECIS?

Your subscription also includes access to several of our other key information resources: 

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