ECHA's Plan to Review All REACH Registrations by 2027

As part of a combined action plan and effort between the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the European Commission (EC), the ECHA recently announced its intention to raise the number of REACH registration dossiers that it reviews. With a focus on increasing overall compliance, the ECHA has established the goal of screening all REACH dossiers within the next eight years.

Additional Screening and Increasing Compliance

In an ongoing effort to help improve the compliance of REACH registrations, the EC is proposing to increase the ECHA’s compliance check minimum target from 5% to 20% of all dossiers. This equates to checks for roughly 30% of registered chemical substances across tonnage bands. Among these will be:

  • chemicals for which additional information is necessary to determine the presence of a potential risk
  • chemicals with hazardous properties

Expanding on these efforts, the ECHA is proposing to screen all REACH registration dossiers by 2027:

GoalTarget Completion Date
Complete review of all chemical substances in tonnage bands over 100 tons per year2023
Complete review of all chemical substances in tonnage bands from 1 to 100 tons per year2027

Source: European Chemicals Agency

For chemical substances of high tonnage, the ECHA expects to determine their level of priority for risk management by next year. It also expects to determine if certain chemicals are of low priority for additional treatment.

The Executive Director of the ECHA, Bjorn Hansen, has commented on the significance of the steps being taken by the Agency, stating “Improving compliance with the law is our key priority for the coming years. REACH data is the basis of the European Union’s whole chemicals management system. Together with the Commission and Member States, we are committed to putting these concrete measures in place to address non-compliance and improve chemicals safety in Europe. To achieve this, we will also need a strong commitment from European industry to increase their efforts under REACH.”

To Access Additional Vital Information

The ECHA’s compliance-focused efforts are a key component of a comprehensive approach to allow the full benefits of REACH to be realized.

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