C&L Inventory

Gather GHS classification and labelling information with just a few clicks.

ToxPlanet simplifies GHS intelligence with our easy-to-use C&L Inventory solution.

C&L Inventory delivers continually-updated data on more than 145,000 substances found in the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA's) Classification and Labelling Inventory.  It contains classification and labelling information on notified and registered substances received from manufacturers and importers. The Inventory also includes harmonised classifications when available.  

What do C&L Inventory records include?

C&L Inventory records include:

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Who uses C&L Inventory?

C&L Inventory is used by chemical safety professionals engaged in any of the following activities:

What do you get along with your access to C&L Inventory?

Your subscription also includes access to several of our other key information resources: 

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