AICIS Releases Roadmap for the Evaluation of Industrial Chemicals

The Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) recently released its evaluations roadmap. This roadmap outlines Australia's approach to assessing the risks posed to the environment and human health when industrial chemicals are used there. In this blog post, we review the focus of AICIS, discuss the six actions areas on which the roadmap focuses, and consider significant evaluation targets for the next several years.

Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme

With its origins stemming from the Industrial Chemicals Act of 2019, AICIS represents a new scheme for industrial chemical importation and manufacture regulation in Australia. Focused on assessing risks and providing information to promote safe chemical use, and prompted by the goal to improve Australian industrial chemical regulation overall, AICIS is intended to help protect environmental and human health in Australia.

Evaluations Roadmap

AICIS's evaluations roadmap covers six key action areas and outcomes relevant to goal achievement:

  • Reduction of risk

    • Conducting evaluations relative to an industrial chemical's risk
    • Protecting human health and the environment by providing various risk management recommendations and information
  • Targeting evaluations

    • Targeting chemicals using Evaluation Selection Analysis (ESA) criteria
    • Maintaining prioritization tools and adopting methods to enable proper screening outcomes
    • Creating a list of chemicals inactive for industrial use in Australia
  • Knowledge and evidence

    • Utilizing a "weight of evidence" approach for evaluations
    • Using international assessment materials and encouraging information acceptance from stakeholders
    • Grouping chemicals to facilitate decision-making
    • Issuing a rolling action plan for evaluations to increase transparency for stakeholders
  • Building capacity

    • Promoting education of stakeholders to encourage better understanding of evaluations
    • Utilizing validated risk evaluation methods
    • Performing peer reviews of evaluations
  • Leadership and engagement

    • Facilitating informed choices via the publishing of chemical safety information (evaluation statements)
    • Performing evaluations for chemicals not likely requiring additional regulation, chemicals introduced in articles, and chemicals that may be substitution candidates for substances of high concern

In line with the roadmap and its goals, AICIS has outlined important evaluation targets for 2024 and beyond:

  • By 2024
    • To evaluate, at a minimum, 20% of Inventory chemicals that do not currently have risk assessments completed
  • By 2030
    • To evaluate any remaining unassessed industrial chemicals of higher concern

Accessing More Information

AICIS has a significant impact on any professional who deals with industrial chemicals in Australia. More information regarding AICIS and its evaluations roadmap may be found on the Australian Government website as it becomes available. Additionally, you can visit the ToxPlanet website and blog regularly for information on new developments. Also, be sure to contact us and register for a Free Trial. Our powerful decision support solutions allow you to access vital information on an abundance of chemical substances quickly and easily. Experience the ToxPlanet difference and see how we can help address your chemical hazard information needs.