5 Must-Haves for an Effective Chemical Hazard Information Solution

Chemical safety professionals require access to the right data to make the best possible informed decisions. Here we review several key things that professionals should look for when selecting an appropriate information solution. We also look at how ToxPlanet measures up in terms of these “must-have” characteristics.

Indispensable Characteristics

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • To thoroughly understand the diverse properties and effects of chemical substances, the ability to access comprehensive information on them is essential. A chemical hazard information solution should reflect the breadth and diversity of needs of many different users. Accordingly, it should include extensive coverage on as many chemicals as possible.
  • Authoritative Content
    • In both research and practice, reputability of content is extremely important for chemical safety professionals. To be truly useful, an information resource must deliver content that is accurate, expert in quality, and produced by authoritative sources.
  • Relevant Focus
    • Access to relevant information is a necessity for those who deal with the biological and environmental impacts of chemicals. Any solution that provides information should be able to deliver content that is highly relevant to users’ particular areas of focus.
  • Searchability
    • Effective searchability of content is necessary to allow chemical safety professionals to perform their jobs successfully. Because of this, information resources should support targeted searchability of content and deliver fast, seamless access to vital data.
  • Current Information
    • Because the work of chemical safety professionals impacts the health and wellbeing of others, having access to current information is a necessity. To help ensure accuracy and relevance, a chemical hazard information solution should be updated regularly and include the most up-to-date research information available.

How Does ToxPlanet Measure Up?

ToxPlanet delivers what chemical safety professionals need most in an information solution.

Comprehensive Coverage

Encompassing more than 275 collections and over 600 regulatory and advisory lists, ToxPlanet delivers access to more than 9.4 million documents providing vital toxicology and chemical hazard data on nearly 1 million unique compounds. With ToxPlanet, you have one-stop access to an abundance of essential content covering areas including human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and more.

Authoritative Content

ToxPlanet provides you with extensive information obtained from hundreds of discipline-relevant content producers, government agencies, and professional organizations throughout the world. Virtually every one of our sources is a highly reputable information provider.

Relevant Focus

Because each of ToxPlanet’s documents is thoroughly indexed to the chemical(s) they cover, you can retrieve relevant information quickly and easily. Underlying this relevance is one of ToxPlanet’s hallmark features, the EXPERTIndex™. When an EXPERTIndex search is conducted, results are consistent regardless of which synonym or chemical identifier you use. This enables a more fine-tuned search and yields results that are fully relevant.


The EXPERTIndex is central to ToxPlanet’s powerful searchability. This searchability is further enhanced by other features like our Similar Compounds functionality, which allows you to conduct searches using chemical analogs. Because the cumbersome task of identifying structural analogs is fully automated, Similar Compounds delivers an improved search experience and one that provides a significant time savings.

Current Information

ToxPlanet continually adds new and updated content to its suite of products. New discoveries, advancements, and changes within the literature are reflected in these additions. Updates occur very rapidly, with any new information being posted within 72 hours of it becoming available. This ensures that you always have access to the best, latest, and most useful information.

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