4 Ways That ToxPlanet Can Save You Valuable Time

Busy chemical hazard professionals require information resources that provide the speed necessary to make important decisions quickly. ToxPlanet delivers solutions that enable fast access to vital information, allowing users to use it immediately. Here we review several ways in which ToxPlanet can help save you valuable time.

How ToxPlanet Can Save You Time

  • Simultaneous searching of a multitude of chemical hazard content collections and websites
    • ToxPlanet’s federated search engine simultaneously searches and quickly delivers relevant literature from several hundred leading information collections and websites covering all aspects of chemical hazards and toxicology. The savings in time that results from this capability is considerable.
  • Organizational structure that facilitates fast information access
    • Within seconds of conducting a search in ToxPlanet, you retrieve a manageable list of results germane to the topic (e.g., chemical compound) you are searching. As results are organized by the authoritative content sources from which they originate, you can locate the information you are seeking quickly. Using ToxPlanet’s MyEXPERT™ feature, you also have the option of displaying only those collections you wish to see from each product (and their corresponding results), further streamlining the process. ToxPlanet’s speed allows you to spend significantly less time finding and accessing the information you need, and more time being able to use it.
  • Less need for time-consuming relevance assessment
    • One of the key factors underlying ToxPlanet’s ability to save time is also one of our hallmark features, the EXPERTIndex™. Because each of our more than 9.4 million documents is thoroughly indexed to the chemical(s) it covers, you can search for information with speed and ease. When a search is conducted using the EXPERTIndex, with its more than 1 million unique substances and nearly 5 million terms and synonyms, results are consistent regardless of which synonym or chemical identifier is used. This yields a more fine-tuned search and results that are 100% relevant. As the otherwise lengthy process of relevance assessment is largely unnecessary, it also yields a significant time savings.
  • Rapid information access on analog compounds when little or no information exists on a chemical
    • ToxPlanet simplifies the process of data gap resolution using chemical analogs. Utilizing PubChem structure content, and based on the Tanimoto coefficient, ToxPlanet’s proprietary Similar Compounds feature quickly identifies molecularly similar compounds. In addition, it provides instant access to the literature from the most extensive information resource of its kind. What typically would involve multiple searches and many hours, going back and forth between various websites and other sources, can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Because the cumbersome task of identifying structural analogs is fully automated, this delivers an improved search experience and a substantial savings of time.

To Learn More

With its intuitive design, its organizational structure, and its unique functionality, ToxPlanet enables speed of use, simplifying and minimizing the most time-consuming aspects of information search and retrieval: locating the source of desired content, pinpointing and accessing it, and determining whether the content is relevant, authoritative, and more. This speed is critically important for professionals who need to find the right information and use it right away.

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help save you valuable time, contact ToxPlanet and register for a Free Trial.