4 Things That Make ToxPlanet a Highly Efficient Information Resource

Chemical safety professionals require fast, simple, and direct access to relevant information to make the best possible informed decisions. ToxPlanet and its suite of decision support solutions are designed to help manage, with optimal efficiency, the impact of chemicals in the workplace and on the environment. Here we consider several aspects of ToxPlanet and explore how they help make it such a highly efficient resource.

Why So Efficient?

  • Design
    • ToxPlanet’s design greatly facilitates its ease of use and efficiency. It enables locating and accessing the information you need via a consolidated search interface, delivering single-point access to the world of chemical, toxicological, and hazard management information. This eliminates the slow and tiresome task of having to search and jump between multiple individual products and websites.
  • Organizational Structure
    • When a search is conducted in ToxPlanet, results are organized in a manner that maximizes speed of access. Results are categorized both by the product and the collection in which they are located via a convenient and detailed folder/subfolder structure. This simplifies and streamlines the search process, allowing you to locate the information you are seeking quickly and easily.
  • Deep and Detailed Proprietary Indexing
    • One of ToxPlanet’s most powerful features is its proprietary EXPERTIndex™. Containing more than 1 million unique chemical substances, and with nearly 5 million terms and synonyms, it provides you with one-click access to an abundance of content and data compiled from over 500 reputable sources. When a search is conducted via the EXPERTIndex, results are consistent regardless of which synonym or chemical identifier is used. This enables a more fine-tuned search and yields results that are 100% relevant, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming relevance assessment.
  • Unique Functionality
    • One of the most unique aspects of ToxPlanet’s functionality is its Similar Compounds feature. Similar Compounds mitigates the common research problem of data gaps by fully automating the often slow and tedious process of searching for chemical analogs. Leveraging PubChem structure content, and based on the Tanimoto coefficient, this feature quickly identifies molecularly-similar compounds and instantly provides you with access to vital literature. Using Similar Compounds, what would typically involve multiple searches and countless research hours can be accomplished with just a few clicks. This results in a tremendous savings of time and effort.

For More Information on ToxPlanet

When dealing with any issues of chemical safety, efficient access to important information is a necessity, as it can have a profound impact on the health and well-being of others. In addition to ToxPlanet being the most comprehensive and authoritative chemical hazard and toxicology information resource currently available, it is also extremely efficient, delivering instant access to critical data. To learn more about our solutions and how they can help address your needs, contact ToxPlanet and register for a Free Trial.