4 Things That Make Comprehensive Information Resources Essential for Chemical Safety Professionals

For any chemical safety professional, having the right data is essential for making the best possible informed decisions. Correspondingly, one of the most critical aspects of any information resource is comprehensiveness. Here we focus on the issue of comprehensive content, review what makes it so important, and look at how ToxPlanet can address chemical safety professionals’ needs for comprehensive information.

Why So Important?

  • Diversity of Coverage
    • Because chemical safety is such a broad focus area, the content that different professionals across the discipline require is extremely diverse. To be highly effective, information resources must encompass a full range of relevant subject areas.
  • International Scope
    • Chemical hazard and toxicology information is produced by societies, government agencies, and other entities throughout the world. This content often has universal relevance, regardless of the country from which it originates. Because of this, availability of international coverage within an information solution can be a significant asset.
  • Extensive Chemical Coverage
    • Regardless of their area(s) of concentration, chemical safety professionals typically need information on many different compounds. This often means they require detailed data not only about the substances themselves, but also about many other chemicals with which they may interact. Accordingly, the information resources these professionals use should cover numerous chemical substances.
  • Quantity of Content
    • When searching for necessary information on any chemical, it can often be found distributed across multiple documents. Similarly, when data is needed on many different substances, then many documents may be required on each. A truly comprehensive chemical hazard information resource will enable users to access any number of documents from a large repository of content.

ToxPlanet: A Fully Comprehensive Solution

As the largest and most inclusive information resource of its kind, ToxPlanet offers the level of comprehensiveness that chemical safety professionals need.

Diversity of Coverage

ToxPlanet covers a diverse range of pertinent subject areas, such as human health effects, animal toxicity studies, metabolism/pharmacokinetics, environmental fate and exposure, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, chemical safety and handling, manufacturing/use information, and many more.

International Scope

ToxPlanet encompasses more than 275 databases from leading international sources. These include:

  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  • European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals
  • European Chemicals Agency
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer
  • International Programme on Chemical Safety
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information (PubChem)
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • National Library of Medicine (TOXNET®)
  • National Toxicology Program
  • Public Health England
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration
  • United Nations Environmental Program
  • World Health Organization

Extensive Chemical Coverage

ToxPlanet covers nearly 1 million unique chemical substances. These include everything from common household chemicals to rare compounds for which information is generally very hard to find.

Quantity of Content

ToxPlanet delivers access to over 9.4 million documents, including:

  • Analytical or Monitoring Methods
  • Carcinogenicity Reports and Summaries
  • Chemical Identification/Properties and Description Documents
  • GHS Classification Reports and Summaries
  • Government Opinions and Reports
  • Hazard Assessments and Summaries
  • Medical Management Documents
  • Properties and Description Documents
  • Regulatory and Advisory Lists
  • Regulatory Submission/Decision Documents
  • Risk Assessment and Summary Documents
  • Toxicology Profiles and Summaries
  • … and many more

For More Information

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